This deck used to be commanded by Sarkhan, but I've decided to drop a color (U), and run the new and faster Wrenn and Six, since its perfectly on theme and acts almost like another Crucible.

Proper primer to come. Ultimately we ramp, rush land advantage and dorks, use Scapeshift to thin our deck down to pretty much just huge creatures that we can easily hard cast, swap any remaining dorks our for more big creatures, win with Valakut, or can even Madcap into one of the 2 artifacts we are running. Those artifacts happen to be either Crucible (to continue land recursion and tricks for advantage), OR Combustible Gearhulk (to try to win in a fair manor). I chose Gearhulk since it's not broken or unfair, and can still be hard cast if I don't Madcap Experiment for fetching it out.

Overall, you'll find fast and easy ways to pump out big threats, should easily be ahead on mana, can protect your Oathbreaker early on with dorks, to keep your land recursion engine going, and have alternate win-cons that are aggressive, yet very fair. No broken combos here. You can win pretty consistently, and your playgroup won't want to see you have a fate like Ned Stark's.


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