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Over the years, I've slowly added more colors to my dragon deck. It started out as a Jund deck when Khans of Tarkir came out (Tyrant of Tarkir (EDH)). I added white when Saskia the Unyielding came out (Saskia's Unyielding Dragons). Finally, when The Ur-Dragon came out with C17 I added blue and completed the pie.

I usually don't like five color decks, but when I've played them in the past, I included Maze's End as an alternate-win-condition and source of ramp, both because it's fun and effective, and because it's dirt cheap compared to most five color mana bases. Adding in Door to Nothingness was another no brainer for me, a great rattlesnake threat and game ender. Amulet of Vigor works as a synergy with both of those packages.

The creature base is mostly made up of by dragons. I tried to include dragons with a wide CMC range to give a reasonable curve, taking into account how expensive dragons tend to be and The Ur-Dragon's discount, as well as dragons that provide utility instead of just body.

(Note: This was mostly built before M19 came out. I'm not sure if I'm going to add any of the new elder dragons or not, since most of them don't really contribute to the goal of the deck.)

Feel free to check out descriptions of my Commander decks here.

The analysis of my decks are posted on GoogleDrive here.

The TappedOut folder for these decks are listed here.


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