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Dragon Delve



I saw something like this somewhere, but it was more a reanimator build with the Eldrazis. I find it interesting enough to build it myself, but I centered it in the Delve mechanic.

The deck justs "mills" a bit of itself with Satyr Wayfinder, Commune with the Gods, Faithless Looting, Grisly Salvage and Mulch, dumping more things in grave with the fetch lands to summon a big delve creature and attach all possible dragon auras on it.

The Dragon Auras:

  • Dragon Breath: haste on the big creatures is really good, helps on the race against some fast decks too. The pumping ability was not that relevant, as I run only two Mountains.

  • Dragon Fangs: trample (a bit of evasion) is good and the +1/+1 accelerate the clock.

  • Dragon Scales: vigilance is great against fast decks, the +1/+2 bonus is the best amongst the auras.

  • Dragon Shadow: fear is an awesome evasion ability, the +1/+0 helps with the clock.

  • Dragon Wings: flying is good, and far better in Delver matchups, discarding itself for another card is relevant.

The Sideboard:

  • Feed the Clan: the best card in sideboard, won me games against aggro decks.

  • Undying Evil: side in against good removal decks, it doesn't care even if my Anglers or Mandrills are sacrificed.

  • Lightning Bolt: some way to interact against some combo or whatever. Not so sure of that one.

  • Vines of Vastwood: a protection spell and good pump, used it against blue decks with their bounces and black/white decks with targeted removal.

Deck is not optimal yet, as its sideboard and side plans. But here's a base:

Matchups notes and Sideboard plans:

GENERAL TIPS:- Against counterspell decks you could try casting 2 creatures in the same turn. They probably won't counter the delve enables, which will fill your graveyard that much, so choose your lands thinking on playing 2 dudes.

MATCHUPS:- Angler Delver: Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Undying Evil

  • Auras: Try to make the biggest creature you can. Race them unless they are gaining tons of life. Changes: -3 Mulch, +3 Feed the Clan

  • Affinity: They are faster, but you will need to race them somehow. In post sideboard games, if you connect 1 or 2 Ferocious Feed the Clan you are probably in very good shape. Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Feed the Clan

  • BUGs & Pigs: Changes: -4 Mulch, -2 Dragon Scales, -2 Dragon Shadow, +4 Vines of Vastwood, +4 Undying Evil

  • Burn: Try to connect 1 Ferocious Feed the Clan and there's probably nothing they can do. Changes:-4 Mulch, +4 Feed the Clan

  • Delver Fiend: Game 1 is probably lost, but game 2 and 3 you can cast a Feed the Clan or counter an Unblockable/lethal pump spell with Vines of Vastwood. Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Feed the Clan -2 Dragon Shadow, +2 Vines of Vastwood

  • Domain Zoo: Try to stabilize with a Dragon Scales and more than one creature. After the sideboard you will just need one Ferocious Feed the Clan to put them probably out of range. Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Feed the Clan.

  • Elves: Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Feed the Clan

  • Familiar: Kill the Cloud of Faeries. Other than that, play aggressively, race it. Changes: -3 Mulch, +3 Lightning Bolt

  • Goblins: Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Feed the Clan

  • Infect: If it's not a fast version that can kill turn 2, 3 or 4, you can side less Vines. Use them against pump spells. Changes: -4 Mulch, -1 Dragon Breath, -2 Dragon Shadow, +4 Vines of Vastwood, +3 Lightning Bolt

  • Kuldotha Boros: Changes: -3 Mulch, +3 Feed the Clan.

  • Midnight Presence: After the sideboard, kill the guard or make it untargetable for the Gond. You will need to race it on game 1. Changes: -4 Mulch, -2 Dragon Scales, -1 Dragon Wings, +4 Vines of Vastwood, +3 Lightning Bolt

  • MonoBlack Control: A hard matchup, you will need your protections from the board. Your Satyr Wayfinder is important against sacrifice effects and your fetch lands are good against Chittering Rats. Changes: -4 Mulch, -2 Dragon Shadow, +4 Undying Evil, +2 Vines of Vastwood

  • MonoBlue Delver: Play around the counterspells and you should be good. The only thing they can do against your creatures on the board are the bounce spells, so you side in Vines against it.Try to make it a flying one with your Dragon Wings, so you can block. Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Vines of Vastwood

  • Stompy: Try getting a Dragon Scales because it will be relevant. After sideboard, rely on the Feed the Clan. Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Feed the Clan

  • Tron: Race it and make the biggest creature you can, so you can block the Ulamog's Crusher. If you really care about Crusher you can side in Undying Evils, so you can sacrifice your immortal creature and an aura, return it stronger and block the crusher (losing no permanents) or Vines, to pump it +4/+4. Changes: Nothing.

  • Viridian Longbow decks: Just kill the creature or Vines it in response to the combo. (For example, when targeted by Freed from the Real). You can also just race those decks and win with no sideboard changes. So I recommend them only on the draw. Changes (On Draw): -4 Mulch, -2 Dragon Scales, -1 Dragon Wings, +4 Vines of Vastwood, +3 Lightning Bolt

  • White Weenie: After the board you will need to protect your creatures from Journey to Nowhere. Changes: -4 Mulch, +4 Vines of Vastwood.


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