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Dragon Age (5-Color Dragons)

Commander / EDH Casual Dragons Five Color


Another deck originally based on a Commander precon, but what once was "Draconic Domination" has since been heavily modified.

We're mainly in red (obviously) and green, the latter providing some much-needed ramp and fix in various forms. The other colors take a relatively minor role, but get played anyway due to various dragons too good to pass up. The mana base is very evenly spread between all colors so far, seeing how they're all important, but this might get tweaked somewhere down the line.

Since the tribe of this deck is ridiculously expensive, we're not only looking to ramp, but to reduce costs overall. There are also a couple of card draw engines as well as tutoring and filtering effects so as not to run out of gas at a crucial moment. There aren't too many removal spells in here, but that should be ok, seeing how many of our creatures serve as removal on a stick in some way or other.

I've loved dragons ever since I was a little kid. Building and playing a deck like this has long since been a dream of mine, and I'd like to share this joy with all of you. Have fun! :)


Updates Add

Mainly due to some excellent suggestions, I've made a few more changes to the deck - 6 out, 6 in.

Hellkite Overlord joins us as basically a better version of Darigaaz Reincarnated. Scourge of the Throne should get us more value across the table overall than Savage Ventmaw, which often doesn't get us many triggers anyway. because it quickly dies in combat due to its rather wimpy stats (for a dragon, I mean); it's also not needed as much, I feel, now that the mana base is more solid than before. Furthermore, we're slimming down on our commitment to white and cutting Yosei, the Morning Star, replacing it with Kokusho, the Evening Star, as I feel the value is superior. This also puts us more firmly into Jund colors on the whole.

I'm still not sure about cutting Frontier Siege, as it often served as a strong source of recurring spot removal, so it might snake its way back into the deck at some point. For now, though, it'll have to make room for Urza's Incubator, raising the speed of the whole deck by another notch. Also, Mayael the Anima goes, being replaced by Descendant's Path, reducing the possible downside of losing too much stuff we really would have wanted.

Finally, the potential damage output gets a hefty boost. Curse of Bounty, while very good in traditional 1vs1, seems a bit too focused for a multiplayer match. Instead, we're adding Gratuitous Violence. Since almost all our damage output stems from creatures, this should add an oppressive amount of direct damage our opponents will have a hard time recovering from.


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