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Dr. Acula's Revenge


So shoutout to and Kevin for putting this deck up on youtube and testing it, the video is here deck is half removal and card advantage, and the other half is about getting out [Vampire Nocturnus] and pumping [Bloodline Keeper] out of [Spearing Spear] range, then token dropping until he flips, and swinging in for like 100! This is my first non-control and its super fun.

I took this deck to FNM last Friday May 24th and went 2-2, just barely lost to double-Bloodrush and then to a very synergetic june aggro deck with draw power.I played the gameday at another LGS with a different meta and went 3-1-1 and lost junk and [Angel of Serenity] but I killed it like 4 times, but either way this deck did great for a budget deck that cost less than $40.Comments, +1's, and helful tips welcomedThanks for checkin' it out

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Low Avg High
$35.68 $65.58 $147.49
Date added 10 months
Last updated 4 months
Legal formats Commander / EDH, Extended, Legacy, Modern, Vintage
Illegal cards Vampire Nocturnus , Murder , Bloodline Keeper  Flip , Tribute to Hunger , Blood Artist , Sign in Blood , Victim of Night , Vampire Nighthawk , Staff of Nin , Mutilate , Tragic Slip
Cards 60
Avg. CMC 2.78

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