Dr. Acula's Revenge


ThereCameAHero Score: 2


So shoutout to RogueDeckBuilding.com and Kevin for putting this deck up on youtube and testing it, the video is herehttp://youtu.be/4g7GdF0DHMoThis deck is half removal and card advantage, and the other half is about getting out [Vampire Nocturnus] and pumping [Bloodline Keeper] out of [Spearing Spear] range, then token dropping until he flips, and swinging in for like 100! This is my first non-control and its super fun.

I took this deck to FNM last Friday May 24th and went 2-2, just barely lost to double-Bloodrush and then to a very synergetic june aggro deck with draw power.I played the gameday at another LGS with a different meta and went 3-1-1 and lost junk and [Angel of Serenity] but I killed it like 4 times, but either way this deck did great for a budget deck that cost less than $40.Comments, +1's, and helful tips welcomedThanks for checkin' it out

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Legal formats Commander / EDH, Extended, Legacy, Modern, Vintage
Illegal cards Vampire Nocturnus , Murder , Bloodline Keeper  Flip , Tribute to Hunger , Blood Artist , Sign in Blood , Victim of Night , Vampire Nighthawk , Staff of Nin , Mutilate , Tragic Slip
Cards 60
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