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Welcome to my Teysa Karlov EDH deck. This is the newest entry into my deck collection, having just been built following the release of Ravnica Allegiance. When the spoilers first dropped, there weren't too many cards that caught my eye; however, Teysa Karlov jumped out right away. He ability was new and unique, as well as a strategy that I personally enjoy (graveyard shenanigans). I took to building the deck like a fish to water, and to be honest the construction process was very organic. The cards just seemed to flow together very naturally, and i had to do very little digging to find cards that did exactly what I wanted. The deck is completely based around death triggers, specifically the value that can be accrued from them and repeating them multiple times.

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Looking at Teysa Karlov we essentially have two components here. The first, and the primary focus of the deck, is the doubling of death triggers. Any effect that involves a creature dying is duplicated. I've seen some confusion on what is actually doubled, so allow me to clarify. Teysa doubles effects like Skullclamp , but not effects like Altar's Reap . The second component is the token enhancement. Vigilance and lifelink are nothing to sneeze at, and the incidental life gained from attacking with tokens can help offset life paying effects like Sign in Blood . In my take on this build, I have chosen to focus more on the death triggers aspect of Teysa rather than the token aspect, though there are still some powerful token generating effects included in the deck.

Some cards have a place in (nearly) every EDH deck. Most of these so-called staples serve one purpose: color fixing. As the number of colors in a deck increases, so too does the need for color fixing. The primary method of color fixing in the deck is through effective use of dual and fetch lands. My research on the topic has lead me to create what I believe to be an optimized mana base for the deck. This was achieved by removing as many tap lands as possible and replacing them with dual lands that have a way to enter the battlefield untapped.

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Removal is a key concept in many EDH decks. If your deck doesn't have the ability to counter a spell, removal is the next best option. The key deciding factor for removal spells in this deck is versatility. Any spell that does more than simply destroy a creature is an outstanding choice.

The deck's basic strategy is to "double down" on death effects by using Teysa Karlov . Any trigger with a death component can thus be exploited for value.

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Any given deck has a number of sub-themes running in the background of the overall deck architecture. In this particular deck, our two sub-themes are rather minor, but still present and powerful nonetheless.

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Like any graveyard-centric deck, graveyard hate puts a major damper on our game plan. That's more of just a meta thing, but most players run at least some graveyard hate. Our best bet is to try and hold up our removal for things like Rest in Peace .

Another significant weakness of these colors is mana acceleration. There is very little effective ramp in black and white. What ramp we do run is rather expensive. Our best bet is to draw as many cards as possible in order to ensure we can hit our land drops.


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