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"I'll fight two at once, and then lick their guts from my blades."

Deck Overview

A budget RDW whose goal is to unload cheap buffs on creatures with Double Strike, getting twice the damage out of them. Capable of relatively frequent turn three wins, assuming a lack of blockers and removal on the opponent's side. But of course, no deck is perfect, and any sort of efficient removal absolutely wrecks this one.

Card Overview


  • Monastery Swiftspear: A solid turn one play, she deals damage fast and grows when spells are played. It is extremely unlikely, but with a perfect hand, she could deal 21 damage on Turn 2!
  • Bomat Courier: This lovely little guy can replenish an empty hand and help keep the damage going after all the buffs have been spent.
  • Viashino Slaughtermaster: Play three Bruce Force or similar, and they can swing for 20 on Turn 3. One of the most fun plays one can possibly make in a game of Magic.
  • Kiln Fiend: This little puppy might not actually have Double Strike, but every time you buff it for +3, it gets +6. So you know, it totally has Double Strike. But better, because it still gets +3 when you're buffing someone else!

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Hope you enjoyed the deck! Suggestions are welcome, and upvotes are always appreciated. Have a great day!


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