Update: D'oh! Took Generous Patron off the maybe board. Battlebond isn't legal in Modern as it turns out. Would have been a fun card to play around with Black Sun's Zenith, though.

So, should this deck run Corrosive Mentor or Everlasting Torment? It tends to like having the extra creature count with Mentor, but Torment is a little harder to remove due to being an enchantment and does a little more.

Working on a Atraxa, Praetors' Voice commander deck with this type of theme. Atraxa, Double Negative

I looked into the Blowfly Infestation + Nest of Scarabs combo, and even got around to asking a judge about it. You have to have 2 1/1s in play to start the combo though. The combo works because the two abilities trigger at the same time and you can choose the order in which they resolve, but Blowfly Infestation does need an initial target.

The below combo may not actually work. -1/-1 counters make things.. odd. I'm looking into it some more, but half of what I find online says I can stack the two triggers the way I want and let it go infinite, provided there are 2 or more starting 1/1s.

The other half says that Blowfly Infestation will repeatedly go on top of the stack for each 1/1 it targets and will resolve before any Nest of Scarabs triggers.

I'll look into it more as I'm not 100% on how the ruling here goes. I may have to look into contacting an official judge.

(Hmmm.. well, I've realized an interesting interaction in the deck that forces the game to a Draw. Imagine for a second Blowfly Infestation and Nest of Scarabs are on the board and you have 2 1/1 Insects. Then cast Scarscale Ritual on a 1/1 Insect... and never draw those two cards. The two enchantments would infinitely kill / create a 1/1 Insect. To stop it, I'd have to destroy one of the two enchantments, or place the -1/-1 counter on a creature that wouldn't die to it. This could cause for a frustrating end to a game, but more than likely would just be comical.)

Took out Doubling Season. The deck just oddly enough doesn't need the help with double counters and double tokens. It's quick enough without it.

I'm beginning to question how much the Doubling Season in this deck actually helps out. I think I could get away with reducing it down to 1 and upping my other combo pieces to 4. I find that most of the times that I draw Doubling Season, I'd rather spend the 5 mana to cast 2 other cards instead. Plus Winding Constrictor tends to help the deck go infinite easily enough.

Reworked this deck a little bit, got rid of Zada, Hedron Grinder and the misc instants that I'd include with her. It was a fun idea to run her with stuff like Tainted Strike or Undying Evil, but it felt a little too clunky at best. I upgraded the Parallel Lives to Doubling Season and played around with balancing out the creature to non-creature ratio. Considering the creatures in this deck are meant for utility rather than being a body, I feel fairly comfortable with the amount I settled with. I can't decide on a definite amount for Blowfly Infestation however, seeing as it's a card that varies in usefulness depending on my opponent's deck.

There are a bunch of fun interactions going on in this deck. There are a couple of ways to go infinite with -1/-1 counter production along with token production. Due to the nature of -1/-1 counters, this deck is still a little clunky, but I love working with decks like this.


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