My take on a toughness matters Doran, the Siege Tower deck. Adding Red and Bloodbraid Elf really brought the deck to another level, and the power and consistency are better than they have ever been.

Turn 3 wins are possible with:

  • T1: Land for turn. Tap and cast Birds of Paradise.

  • T2: Land for turn. Tap Birds of Paradise and cast Doran, the Siege Tower.

  • T3: Land for turn. Tap lands and cast Mardu Ascendancy.

  • Go to Combat: Swing with Birds and Doran. Ascendancy creates two 1/1 goblins tapped and attacking. Sac Ascendancy to give all your creatures +0/+3 (or +3/+3 with Doran). Birds hit for 4, each Goblin hits for 4, Doran hits for 8, for total of 20 damage.

Trying to make this as competitive as possible. It has some trouble with 5C Humans sometimes, but otherwise can hold its own against a lot of other top tier decks.

If you have any suggestions or criticisms, especially with the sideboard, leave a comment!


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3rd place

I was missing some key sideboard pieces that definitely would have helped, but it went alright considering.

Match 1: Burn

Game 1 - Loss. First game ever against Burn, so I had no idea what to expect as far as pace. Ending up taking too many hits early game that I could have dealt with, and got hit with unnavoidable damage later that finished me off.

Game 2 - Win. Sideboarded in 2x Golgari Charm, 2x Leyline of Sanctity (missing one), and 2x Nyx-Fleece Ram. Mulliganned to 5 without hitting a Leyline, so I went with it. Game would have been easier if I had but with only 2 in the deck I didn't want to risk it. Won because of Spellskite and pressure from Treefolk Harbingers. Golgari Charm worked great at keeping his weaker creatures down.

Game 3 - Loss. No changes. Lost to Eidolon of the Great Revel staying out too long, and shocking myself too much early on.

In the future I will have another Leyline, and am considering another 2 cards or so to combat the life loss. Other than that, having the Spellskites and a lot of creatures that don't die to bolt, this is a pretty favorable matchup for me I think.

Match 2 - Lifegain/Lifedrain Homebrew

Game 1 - Win

Game 2 - Win

This was a young player with a deck they don't have figured out yet, so not much to report. I didn't sideboard anything out.

Match 3 - Jund

Game 1 - Loss. Kept a hand that had all my land colors in it, with no T1 play, and I regretted it after. Got land flooded, with no good creatures to deal damage early. This deck ran a Goblin Rabblemaster that did ~14 damage to me by the end that I had to just take because of the lack of creatures.

Game 2 - Win. Sideboarded in 2x Ensnaring Bridge and 2x Leyline of Sanctity. Mulliganned down to 6 to a real hand with a better line. T1 Birds of Paradise, lost the birds to Lightning Bolt but he shocked himself for 3 to do it. Get another Birds and a Treefolk Harbinger out T2, and T3 get a Doran, the Siege Tower out. Each swing is 10+ damage, and he blocks as much as he can for a few turns but takes 6 or more each time and can't restabilize.

Game 3 - Win. No changes. Get a Leyline out T0, and he didn't draw Maelstrom Pulse or Abrupt Decay fast enough, and without his discard or targetted sacrifices, he couldn't keep up. He got out 2x tarmogoyfs at one point with Doran out so they were actually stronger, but I had a Maelstrom Pulse in hand so he didn't even get to swing through with them.

The difference between 1st Place and 3rd Place was 1 win, and I could have done much better against the Burn deck had I had an extra Leyline in the SB, and with a little more tweaking otherwise.

Going to be making those changes and trying again this Friday!

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