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Door to Bankrupcy




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Have lots of money, access to power, or got really lucky in the 90's? Is winning with Painter's Servant or Tendrils of Agony boring you? Why win the way the same way all the nobles do? (I mean, they're really just plebeians masquerading as nobles anyways, right?) With your power and affluence, you should be able to win on your terms and in style.

But Why Door to Nothingness?

It has everything you need to not only beat your opponent, but humiliate them. 20 Damage? Too easy. You not only beat them, but you beat them with five-colors. You beat them with a jank 5-drop. You beat them because you are better than them.


Updates Add

Runeclaw Bear moved to the sideboard.

-1 Crazed Goblin from the sideboard as I wasn't siding him in as often as I would like.

+1 Storm Crow to improve synergy with Force of Will.

-2 Force of Will and +2 Mana Drain to improve consistency.


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