A new Zur list brewed as a collaboration by myself, Suasion, Syjte, and others on the Zurver Discord. All of our lists differ slightly, but they converge into roughly the same list and sideboard posted here. We’ve opted for several changes to adapt to today’s meta:

-More creature removal in the form of Massacre and Pongify -A more mid and late game resilient deck using Dark Confidant and the Battlebond duals to give more gas and produce more efficient (and less painful) mana -A full sideboard with alternatives which can be used to suit any playgroup or matchup

This deck opts to use the Shimmer Myr artifact-storm package alongside of Demonic Consultation/Tainted Pact in what we’ve found to be a more compact, Stax resilient kill with Lab Man. Simply cast Lab Man, Consultation or Tainted Pact, and a draw spell to win.

The addition of Opt and and a streamlined curve means the Shimmer and Necro turns have been far more consistent in testing. Overall, this makes Zur a bigger threat, as swinging once, tutoring Necropotence, and artifact-storming at end of turn can usually seal the game.

The resurgence in of creatures in today's meta has left the deck more vulnerable to beats from Tymna and others, and as such, we found that more creature removal and control is necessary. Pongify is fetchable with Merchant Scroll, and Massacre can be free on your combo turn before you attack with Zur or attempt to go off. Yahenni’s Expertise can also be used as a viable option as well.

If you’re up against Blood Moon or similar effects, slotting in the extra basic can really help with getting your game plan underway. And for Stax heavy metas, Etherium Sculptor can work as well. We’ve also included the cards to slot in the old Doomsday line as well. Ultimately, the Sideboard section if for playstyle preference and meta choices.

Ultimately, we feel that this list really brings Zur to a new level of consistency and control, without sacrificing any of the trademark speed or resiliency that has always made the deck so powerful.

Here’s No-body’s list: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/tainted-shimmer-zur-1/

And Bolsheviktory’s: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/tainted-shimmer-zur/


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