Abzan has turned out to be great colors for enchantments. Black offers you the best tutors, and green and white offer you the best enchantment draw engine. Cast your enchantments and keep your hand full until you reach a critical mass that makes your board state nearly impossible to overcome. Finish off the game with Living Plane + Doomwake Giant/Linvala Keeper of Silence/Elesh Norn. This can be assembled manually, tutored for, or put into play at once with an Eldritch Evolution on Academy Rector. Sigil of the Empty Throne and Luminarch Ascension can also produce an army of angels to end the game in combat.

Until they print a better enchantress general, I like Anafenza because she's a cheap early blocker that also provides grave hate that can be relevant. Ideally I'd like to see a G/W legendary enchantress with partner printed so we have the option to branch off in to Bant or Abzan or anything!


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