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Don't take my Vault Skirge from me!

Modern Control Discard Lifegain Mono-Black


ok, here is an updated version of this. It's a black control deck focused on eliminating or stealing the opponents win condition before they get a chance to play it.

We have Vault Skirge and Vampire Nighthawk as my beaters. They are the ones i will try to play Dark Favor and Lashwrithe on.

Royal Assassin is for creature control.

and Fiend of the Shadows and Nightveil Specter let me steal cards of theirs and gives me the ability to play those cards. Shimian Specter gives me hand and deck control.

I have the removal trio of Tragic Slip, Dismember, and Murder. They'll give me plenty of flex on what i can kill along with my Royal Assassins.

for deck control i have Surgical Extraction, Praetor's Grasp, and Sadistic Sacrament. I also have Distress for some hand control.

As for land i have 2 different lands that will let me play spells i have stolen with Fiend of the Shadows , Nightveil Specter , and Praetor's Grasp. They are Exotic Orchard and Shimmering Grotto.

Please let me know what you think of this, and don't forget to +1 if you dig it!


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