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Modern Discard U/B/R (Grixis)


Hey guys and welcome to Wheel Waste not.

So the purpose here is to have a Waste Not or Liliana's Caress out and wheel to make them suffer.

Some other options I have added in for threats have been things like Thoughtseize since this is a discard kinda deck and I run black so dur... Another one is Void Snare. Not to powerful by itself but if your opponent finds a threat and is on the field, bounce it back and wheel it out.

I also have Molten Vortex so I can get in as much damage as possible. And considering I will only need like 4 lands tops, the rest can be used incase opponent has a couple life points left or a creature that needs to be dealt with.

Deck is still going through some tests and it performs pretty well with local meta. If you have comments for suggestions let me know will let you know how it works out.


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