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Domri and Garruk bought a zoo and the mana elves are there to feed the beasts.

Mana elves in Naya give access to powerful, expensive spells like Thragtusk,Armada Wurm, and overloaded Mizzium Mortars.

This deck also abuses Boros Reckoner with Domri Rade. Turn 1 mana elf, turn 2 Reckoner, Domri, or Loxodon Smiter is a strong starting play.

4 Rest in Peace on the sideboard. The main deck is relatively baked-in so I figure the sideboard slots would be good for a "free win" against reanimator. Reanimator is probably the hardest match up for this deck, their big dudes outclass my midrange sloggers and if I do manage to kill a Griselbrand through a combination of Mizzium Mortar and fighting with Domri, they just throw down another Unburial Rites and bring him right back.

This is a midrange deck. Against aggro you play control and against control you play aggro. Against another midrange, punch it out. This is a simple, effective list of Naya all-stars. The Mizzium Mortar is almost always cast overloaded as a late game flame wave, I've only ever used it a couple times as spot removal in an emergency.


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