Budget Friendly Blue Moon Build

With so many spells in this deck having in its casting cost Riverfall Mimic is an early game all-star. This deck has a lot of tricks up its sleeves to provide control, protection, evasion, pump and draw to give all the edge you need to best your opponent.

The idea here is to play Nivmagus Elemental/Riverfall Mimic/Shrewd Hatchling and control the game as much as possible with Blood Moon/Spreading Seas. Blood Moon is effective at shutting/slowing down opponents while doing little to harm our own casting power. The use of cheap/efficient and sometimes replicated spells help to hobble the opponent and/or fuel the growing and persistent board presence resulting in Nivmagus Elemental/Riverfall Mimic/Shrewd Hatchling to be overwhelming.


  • Blood Moon: Wrecks fancy mana bases. and due to the high volume of hybrid mana costs the self afflicted land transformation shouldnt be anything to worry about.

  • Spreading Seas: Hits lands that Blood Moon cant touch as well as ennable a nice draw.

  • Izzet Charm: Great utility spell. put a Shock on a creature for some removal; act as a Spell Pierce or a Faithless Looting.

  • Electrolyze: Burn/removal and draw.

  • Gigadrowse: Allows to tap down opponents resorces and/or feed Nivmagus Elemental.

  • Leap of Flame: Useful utility card; It can be used as a combat trick to remove a creature or can be used to get damage through combined into one card. The replicate makes it potentially backbreaking in the right situations as well as being able to exile copies to activate Nivmagus Elementals ability.

  • Clout of the Dominus: The haste is never waste, the fact that it's 1 manna makes it relevant, and the shroud is also nice and provides +2/+2 due to the hybrid creatures.

  • Nivmagus Elemental: Stellar one drop with room to grow. If any of the Instant/Sorcery spells are countered by an opponent just exile it to fizzle their Counterspell and feed Nivmagus Elemental; as well as unnecessary replicated spells. Om nom nom nom!!!!

  • Frostburn Weird: Simple to cast as well as being a brick wall for aggro and a nice trigger for Riverfall Mimic/Shrewd Hatchling. This can very arguably be replaced with Stormchaser Mage and enable a more offensive approach. I just have a personal preference for the fat-butt that staves off threats that are out of Lightning Bolts reach.

  • Riverfall Mimic: Essentially acting as an additional Lightning Bolt targeting the opponent with every spell cast as it becomes a 3/3 unblockable in this build. With Clout of the Dominus you begin the "4-Turn Clock" on your opponent.

  • Shrewd Hatchling: Very easy to become a 6/6 "unblockable" Fatty. Combined with any/all supporting spells in here he become out of control fast.



Updates Add

I opened/started a thread asking to define the archetype of my deck and i got a TON of great feedback for general deck improvments. a lot has changed with this deck but most notable is the addition of Gigadrowse, Lightning Bolt and Spreading Seas to give this deck a more prison/control feel rather than a janky midrange/beatdown vibe. Steam Vents has also been added for consistency. Im sure there is more that can be done here however; im honestly really loving this brew now and it has acended to one of my favorite decks i have. so thank you again to everyone who commented and helped with this!

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