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Doesn't Play Well With Others (Creatureless Red)

Commander / EDH* Burn Control Creatureless Group Slug Mono-Red Multiplayer



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Chandra and her toys

If you like this, or if it made you smile,

"You don't want to know what happens, after I put on the goggles."

The video above plays Chandra's theme song. Play it for enhanced mood while browsing this deck.

"Spontaneous combustion is a myth. If you burst into flame, someone wanted you to."

Mono-Red, Creatureless, Grindy Goodness

Notes on how to play pilot this deck:

The first few times I played this, I'd try to be aggressive early and would draw hate, and be punished for it. Over time I learned to modify my play style when playing this.

This is a deck that can appear to be very simple and straightforward to play, but that in reality needs a lot of skill and finesse to play correctly.

First of all, the unknown cards in your hand are far scarier to the table than the spell on the stack.. Hold back from casting anything offensive whenever possible in the early game. Bluffing, and coyly suggesting that you have something scary in hand can be a great deterrent to having someone attack you early on. If someone does target you, I usually give them a blank stare and ask if they are SURE they want to do that, while stroking or tapping on a specific card in my hand. Bluffing is your friend.

Second, focus on ramping up your mana and defensive spells. Get Angelheart Vial, Forcefield, Glacial Crevasses and other stuff like that out to take any hits that may come your way.

Third, play a political game. Make alliances and bargains with other players. Promise the player with a lot of creatures that you won't burn them all away if they don't come after you. The rest of the table will naturally see that player as the bigger threat, and will leave you alone. Encourage the table to fight amongst themselves while you get set up. Whenever possible, don't react to something threatening, that doesn't effect you equally, or at all. Play the game of incremental life advantage. As long as you can have a bit more life than the table, you can always pull out a win with spells like Earthquake at a moment's notice.

Remember that the longer the game goes, the MORE threatening you become, but the LESS threatening you LOOK due to having no VISIBLE threats on the table. In commander, I find people tend to fixate on what they can see instead of what they can't.

Oh, and be vengeful. Be willing burn yourself to the ground if it means that you take out someone who attacked you in a big way or betrayed your allegiance. You may not win the game, but psychologically, you'll win the war. The next time you play this deck, everyone will remember what you did and will think twice about crossing you. And if that isn't quintessentially , I don't know what is. :D




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