Hello, guys! This is a deck I've been wanting to make, and now that awesome Zombie cards have been spoiled, I think it's time to show you around these Doom Dunes.

Early game, you'll want to build up a defense of things such as Sacred Cat and Anointer Priest. After you start to get cards that give you tokens, throw down Anointed Procession and watch it unfold. Liliana's Mastery will now give you 4 Zombies due to the Procession, Anointer Priest will give you 4 life from these tokens, and finish up with a good ol' Lord of the Accursed, Graf Harvest, and In Oketra's Name to finish them off. Enjoy, and if you liked this deck, do not forget to +1!



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Illegal cards Anointed Procession, Anointer Priest, Doomed Dissenter, Dread Wanderer, In Oketra's Name, Liliana's Mastery, Lord of the Accursed, Sacred Cat, Time to Reflect, Forsake the Worldly, Renewed Faith, Vizier of Deferment, Vizier of Remedies
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Tokens 1/1 Servo, 2/2 Zombie
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