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4 Color Hollow One (Avg. CMC .517)

Modern Aggro Combo Competitive Four Color Primer Reanimator



I've playtested this deck against a variety of the top modern decks on this site and in conclusion, it wins consistently.

How to pilot this deck:

This is a very aggressive deck with a very low (if any) cmc per card (Goblin Lore and Faithless Looting's flashback cost are the highest cmc to be paid for in this deck).

For starters, I'll give an example on how to pull off a turn 2 win with this deck (while tapping for just one ).


Opening hand 2 Hollow One, 2 Vengevine, 1 Burning Inquiry, 1 Mountain + Luck

Turn 1: cast Burning Inquiry, if by chance 2 or more Vengevine cards are discarded and 2 Hollow One cards remain in hand, great!! Cast the 2 Hollow One cards, then activate both Vengevine cards previously discarded from the Burning Inquiry that was just cast. Attack with both Vengevine cards

Turn 2: before playing anything else, there should already be enough field presence to end the game.

Now, here is a list of the cards and their reasoning for being in this deck:

Bloodghast This card seems to be in most decks that run a discard strategy, and for good reason. It hits the field turn 2, and 99% of the time it's free.

Burning Inquiry The decks engine. Well, not the only engine (there are 4-5 different cards that allow discarding). However, this is the one I feel suits this build the best. All that being said, for 1: It allows Hollow One to be cast for 0. 2: It powers up Flameblade Adept. Not only that 3: it also has a chance to discard Vengevine, Bloodghast, Prized Amalgam, Flamewake Phoenix, and Faithless Looting. All while 4: possibly disrupting the opposing decks strategy. All this at the cost of a .

Faithless Looting Much like the card right above, this is another deck engine. While being better in certain situations and lacking in others, it does effectively fit the bill for the most part.

Flameblade Adept It's crazy good in this deck. A turn one Flameblade with a few good discard outlets can equal anywhere from 9-12 damage by turn 4 end. Now, imagine 2 flameblades with the same amount of discarding, that's 15 to 20 damage by turn 4 end.

Goblin Guide Don't be mistaken, this is an aggro deck. Also, this is a 1 cmc creature that allows Vengevine to be played more consistently from the grave(2 mana 2 goblin guides in hand and 2 vengevines in the grave equals fun).

Goblin Lore Another deck engine. This is more of a backup if Burning Inquiry or Faithless Looting are not present during opening hand. It does pretty much everything Burning Inquiry achieves except, opposing hand disruption. It also cost 1 More but, hand size is at no loss.

Gurmag Angler The only reason this wasn't added originally was due to the mana base. It's naturally the strongest 1 drop in the deck (I stated naturally because sometimes Flameblade Adept does get a +5 or more in power). Gurmag Angler also enables Flamewake Phoenix, which in turn enables Prized-Almalgam (so I wouldn't suggest removing all the Flamewake Phoenix cards from this deck). Good Card and probably the biggest improvement going from mono red to multicolored!

Hollow One In this deck, like most hollow one decks, it's a 4/4 for 0 mana but, it has more purpose in this application. On top of this being an overpowering turn 1-2 creature, it's also a 0 cmc creature that makes vengevine more accessible from the grave.

Insolent Neonate Serves as a precision discard outlet, and a 1 cmc creature.

Prized Amalgam Why not? Things are constantly getting summoned from the graveyard,(via Bloodghast, Vengevine, and Flamewake Phoenix) so it's a free 3/3 a majority of the time.

Vengevine This is the decks MVP. I believe it's better than Hollow One In this build because, it can recur. Also, sometimes it's more likely for Vengevine to be tossed in the grave with two creatures in hand that can be played, then it is for a Hollow One to still be left in hand after a Burning Inquiry or Goblin Lore has been cast.


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