While a lot of people are building Feather as a token or spellslinger deck, I chose to do something that Boros does well at - Smashing face

Boros Voltron that utilizes cantrips and spells that target Feather , so we get the spell back and keep casting.

Sunforger is a card that works great with Feather, grabbing buffs or double strike enablers (which we get back), or answers to our opponents stuff.

More aimed at competitive, but some cheap swaps can lower the cost of the deck tremendously, although switching to a spellslinger theme at that point may be more viable

Recommendations are always appreciated!


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Stuff that synergized only with tokens werent cutting it, as well as spellslinging. ADD: 1x Past in Flames 1x Balduvian Rage 1x Smothering Tithe CUT: 1x Guttersnipe 1x Monastery Mentor 1x Skullclamp



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