Okay, I am a huge fan of Myth Realized. Something about it just seems really cool to me. Been really wanting to build a deck around it. Started out trying to build one for Standard but didn't quite like my options and opted to give a Modern build a shot instead.

Doing so gave me access to some awesome stuff. Like Proliferate, for instance, which not only triggers Myth simply on casting, but also allows you to add yet another counter through the mechanic itself.

The overall theme of the deck is to make Myth (or MythS, preferably) as buff as possible while controlling the board in the meantime. Counterspells, board wipes, spot removal, it's all there to ensure that when you swing with your creatureized (new word!) Myth Realized, the damage is fatal.

I've chosen most of these cards for their specific purpose in pushing me further toward my goal.

Artifacts: Isochron Scepter and Panoptic Mirror give me a consistent spell to cast each turn, and I've designed most of the spells to interact with them.

Board wipes: When Myth is in Enchantment form it's completely immune to creature wipes, so why not exploit this a little?!

Life's Finale was just what I was looking for to clear away my opponent's creature base. I really like that it also allows you to dig through their deck and dump 3 more creatures into their graveyard, providing them with even fewer options for attacking you, and also giving you a peek at their entire deck in the process.

Planar Outburst really excited me when I first saw it. The Awaken mechanic is awesome, and combined with a board wipe it gets even better.

Supreme Verdict - 4-mana wrath that can't be countered. Need I say more?

Counters: Again, we're seeing that Proliferate/Awaken theme cropping up here with Fuel for the Cause and Scatter to the Winds . Being able to Proliferate an Awakened Land is just icing on the cake.

Instants with 2 or less CMC: These guys are here for the Scepter and the Mirror.

Disperse - Because bounce, bounce, bounce!

Dimir Charm provides another counter option for Sorceries, plus some good early-game removal. Its third ability would probably be most often chosen when copied by Scepter, since it really allows you to mess with your opponent's deck and twist their draws to your favor, turn after turn.

Dawn Charm is there because let's face it, in a deck with no actual creatures, there's not a whole lot there to stop your opponent's assaults. This is here as a buffer for that. A couple more are present in the side board to swap in for its 3rd ability when going against Burn.

The B-Sides:

I've got 2 more of both Dawn Charm and Dimir Charm in case their presence is more heavily desired in the deck against certain matchups.

Disenchant can knock out any pesky Artifacts or Enchantments my opponent may have, while Mine Excavation allows me to get my own back (despite not really being able to trigger the Conspire part of the card, but that's beside the point).

Spread the Sickness for less conditional removal and some more Proliferate triggers.

Still a bit of a WIP, going to keep it moderately budget for this build, however. You can always add in your fetches and fast duals at your own leisure. Sideboard probably also needs some work.



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