First let me say this:

Fish are dumb.

They swim around in circles endlessly for what? Don't they get dizzy?

We can now harness the stupidity of these spinning idiots with this deck.

Infinite life on turn 3?


Infinite tokens on turn 3?

Why not?

Infinite mill wincon on turn 3?

You betcha.

Infinite mana on turn 3?

Ok now that's silly..

Infinite card draw on turn 3?


...and a search engine that won't quit?

Uh yeah... It's a fish that swims in circles.

==========How to play:==========

T1: Land, 1 drop creature, Paradise Mantle

T2: Land, attach Paradise Mantle to 1 drop, Grimoire Thief

T3: Land, Freed from the Real, attach Paradise Mantle, spin to win


T1: Land, Dakra Mystic, Paradise Mantle

T2: Land, equip Paradise Mantle to Dakra Mystic, Puresight Merrow

T3: equip to Puresight Merrow , Spin Puresight Merrow till you land on Judge of Currents, Land, use Dakra Mystic ability to draw Judge of Currents, spin to find next wincon while gaining infinite life.


T1: Land, Mothdust Changeling, Paradise Mantle x2.

T2: Land, attach mantle, Dakra Mystic, attach 2nd mantle.

T3: Land, Intruder Alarm , 1cc creature, untapping 2 mantled creatures, Stonybrook Schoolmaster, untapping mantled creatures, use mothdust's ability to tap the school master. At this point you can get infinite mana, tokens, and card draw.

Like I said fish are dumb.


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