At its heart this deck is simply a martyr-proc deck. It was built using the guidance of this thread:

As it is built to be a martyr-proc deck it does of course run both Martyr of Sands and Proclamation of Rebirth, the namesakes of the deck. It is all about gaining life and then swinging with Serra Ascendants and Divinity of Pride s. I am running the Divinity of Pride s contrary to the threads suggestions simply because I find them to be very useful in mirror matches.

As was already stated this deck is built to gain tons of life off of Martyr of Sands and then swing with Serra Ascendant. The basic rule of thumb is that you will have around 40 life by turn three if you start with a Martyr of Sands in your hand. Squadron Hawk is included for two reasons. The first is that it is a very nice chump blocker while you wait to draw up your Serra Ascendant. The second reason is because it gets more white cards into your hand. If you start with both a Martyr of Sands and Squadron Hawk in your opening hand you stand a chance of gaining upwards of 25 life.

Martyr of Sands should never be used as a one drop. What I mean by that is you should only play it if you have mana open to sac it.


Updates Add

So over the past year this deck has changed a lot. I still want to leave the Divinity of Prides within the deck, since they are one of my favorite cards but the deck is no longer quite as much of a martyr proc deck as a WW deck. As such most of the Proclamation of Rebirths have been removed and the standard soul sisters have been added. I know a lot of people have been adding Spectral Procession and Honor of the Pure but personally I prefer having a few stronger creatures in things like Divinity of Pride and Ajani's Pridemate to running a true WW deck.

New Card Choices

Ajani, Caller of the Pride

Personally I love this card. Not only is it one of my favorite planeswakers as a three drop but it also allows you to give an Ajani's Pridemate flying and double strike. It isn't inconceivable to be able to swing on turn 3 or 4 in the air with an Ajani's Pridemate for 14 or even more. In addition it also improves Figure of Destiny by making it's 4/4 state very very useful.

Gideon Jura

Once again just another card I really like. It allows you to control a bit towards the end of the game if necessary and is also another card that loves Ajani, Caller of the Pride. Gideon Jura also survives a Day of Judgment and leaves you with a powerful beater if you have to actually wipe the board.

Sublime Archangel

As a one of it isn't really that powerful however if you do get it out on turn four it can seal the game. Because you have so many little guys sitting around not really attacking Sublime Archangel just works to buff your serra ascendent.

Mana Tithe

I don't think I've ever seen anyone else ever run a Mana Tithe but personally I've found it to be very useful. Even though it only adds 1 to the cost of their spell it can do things like stop a turn 4 Bloodbraid Elf and works to slow down most decks just enough for you to be able to stabilize and go on to win.


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