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Divide By Zero (Aetherflux Storm)

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Hi all,

Divide by Zero is built around the interaction of Paradoxical Outcome and 0 casting cost artifacts to draw and play lots of things all at once and set up a 50 damage Aetherflux Reservoir kill. The other cards are for filtering and scrying (which Contraband Kingpin is great at with free artifacts).

When the deck works it feels broken, which makes me think I might be onto something.

Any help would be amazing.


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With Aether Revolt coming out, and specifically Whir of Invention I've changed the idea for the sideboard. In testing Whir of Invention basically costs UUU no matter what (since the deck is 50% 0 cc artifacts) so I can fetch silver bullets depending on the matchup. As a bonus, it can also find Aetherflux Reservoir at instant speed to close out the game and generally puts the entire deck on a faster clock.

So basically I'm looking for good artifacts to fetch for sideboard. Trinisphere seems like it should be good against Infect, Burn and Storm, but still allow me to combo off with Paradoxical Outcome. Spellskite is just amazing in general, but especially against Boggles.

But is there anything else I should add too?



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