Gain an advantage over your opponents by making them discard their cards with Stronghold Rats , while you still get to play your discarded cards with Madness ( Grave Scrabbler , Brain Gorgers , Twins of Maurer Estate , Weirded Vampire , Alms of the Vein , Call to the Netherworld , Murderous Compulsion , Dark Withering ). Most of the cards in this deck are also very cheap so that you may have played all of your hand earlier than your opponents, giving you further card advantage. This deck also includes many cards that can make use of your graveyard like Grave Scrabbler , Gurmag Angler , Shambling Attendants , Sultai Scavenger , Wight of Precinct Six , Call to the Netherworld , Disturbing Plot , Recover , Unearth , Grim Harvest and Spinning Darkness , in order for you to gain further advantage from having to discard cards. If your opponent does manage to play any strong threats, the deck includes enough removal to deal with them. The deck is mostly geared towards multiplayer, so it includes many cards that affect all opponents, like Basilica Screecher , Night Market Lookout , Pulse Tracker , Thornbow Archer , Gray Merchant of Asphodel , Pestilence , Innocent Blood , Tyrant's Choice , Vicious Rumors , Ill-Gotten Inheritance and Cower in Fear .

Comments and recommendations appreciated!

(Tappedout says Dauthi Mercenary is not Pauper legal, but this is inaccurate according to Scryfall.)


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