Disposable Cake

My very first constructed commander deck! (Name pending)

It's an Orzhov Aristocrats token to be played with friends in a casual setting. We typically play in groups of 4 no teams, with a fair amount of politics and betrayal. Because it is amongst friends we actively avoid unfun cards and combos. This does not mean competitive, just prison type styles or power hate effects (such as Iona, Shield of Emeria ). With that perspective lets talk about the deck!

So first up, the commander is Teysa Karlov . I wanted to only be in Orzhov colors and her double triggers, tokens vigilant and lifelink effects are pretty perfect for what I am trying to do, maximizing my sacrifice efficiency with a solid token offense/defense. Going with a typical aristocrat drain plan for my general strategy and adapting as the board state progresses.


Hoping to keep the deck under $400 in the perfect world, around $300. Very expensive cards are also not something I can do right now. I might be able to upgrade it down the line.

Some cool inclusions

No goes

  • Dictate of Erebos Because I am playing with friends, these kinds of effects are off the table even though it would be strong. Locking everyone into not being able to play their creatures or commanders is definitely not fun.
  • Bitterblossom This would be a good inclusion despite being a bit slow, honestly I simply can't justify the cost.
  • Marsh Flats Same as above, I can't afford fetches.
  • Sorin Markov An inside joke with my friends prevents me from ever playing him (or any iteration).

Final Thoughts

Perhaps a bit weird requirements or choices but any advice on the deck would be great. If I am missing any fantastic synergy or the mythical 'strictly better' cards let me know. I appreciate all advice, comments, critiques. Thanks for reading this far and looking at the deck!

Also maybe a better deck name laughs in isolation and sadness.


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