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DismalLand's Island of Shadows (PD)

Penny Dreadful*



Welcome to DismalLand's Island of Shadows. Our newest gruesome and macabre theme park in DismalLand! It is the unhappiest place on earth! Just with the price of your life, you will be able experience all this park has to offer! In death, you will be able to tap into the many amenities available to the undead. An exclusive experience that only those in the afterlife can take advantage of! Come visit us today and have all of your nightmare's come true!!!


The Island of Shadows Staff



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Date added 2 months
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This deck is not Penny Dreadful legal.

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Illegal cards Contaminated Ground , Early Frost , Fact or Fiction, Frenzy Sliver , Hidden Strings , Leeching Sliver , Pooling Venom , Power Sink, Psychic Venom , Quicksand, Shadow Sliver , Submerged Boneyard , Turnabout, Dark Betrayal , Dimir Charm , Flashfreeze , Flaying Tendrils, Lobotomy , Nature's Ruin
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