Edit: Removed old description. Went back to straight face-sizzle.

Fun interactions:

Devastation Tide hardcast, following a Koth of the Hammer animation of a land. (Can be done at 5 land, you float then animate).

Devastation Tide is awesome in this deck because of my inanely low permanent count.

Reforge the Soul is awesome, especially when I Ponder and see it. I can dump my hand, then topdeck it for miracles, and refill.

Ponder of course sets up miracles and land drops. I generally don't have a problem keeping a long as it's blue and I've got a Ponder in hand.

Sideboard notes:

I have a hard time dealing with resolved giant threats. Titans, Wurmcoils, Praetors. They hurt, and only Vapor Snag mainboard really helps. The side will try to combat these with 3x traitorous act.

Torpor Orb is a star as of AVR. Soulbond goes bye-bye and Cloudshift is deemed useless, as is Restoration Angel. What? You just paid 4 mana for a useless 2/2 Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip? Lol.

I'm adding in 3x Brimstone Volley to side in against Zombies. They out race me really hard, but often sac their own stuff, so I can use their morbid triggers to hit for 5. Maybe now I can win the race there.

Shatter for Swords, Pillar of Flame for Zombies and G/x Aggro. Blasphemous Act for Wolfrun and Tokens.

Testing with 3x Shock and 1x Red Sun's Zenith in the mainboard. Running this tonight, will post results!


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