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Disciple of Deceit is one of most powerful PDH generals. Having ability to tutor about any card ("transmute" here, if being correct) is priceless in multiplayer commander, because you can adopt to any game situation. In my game group I won with this deck against normal EDH generals like Zur, Ezuri and Animar.
Making this deck I keeping principles of competitive commander, to win fast as you can. Its easy to earn, if you started with 2 combo pieces in hand and need only one more.
Fastest combo here is High Tide + Wind Zendikon + Freed from the Real +(any infinity profit card like Capsize ) can be shown at turn 4!

List of all combos you can see under spoiler below.

Early game (1-5 turn)

Mid game (6+ turns)

Tips and tricks


  • Usually i die against whole table, if everyone of 4 opponents attacking me each turn with their 2/2 bears , because i won two previous matches. In this case ramp first, then trying to save our life with Crypt Rats each turn.
  • This deck have few card advantage spells, so if your OP card or weird fish was destroyed, will be hard to restore hand. Beware of random discard like Skull Rend .


1. Peregrine Drake / Cloud of Faeries + Ghostly Flicker + Archaeomancer / Mnemonic Wall

Infinite , for Bloodrite Invoker / Capsize , infinite Cast triggers for Temporal Fissure . Cloud of Faeries works if you have Dimir Aqueduct / High Tide / Nightscape Familiar .

2. Dimir Aqueduct / High Tide + Wind Zendikon + Freed from the Real

Infinite or .

3. Pili-Pala + Retraction Helix / Banishing Knack + Cloud of Faeries / Peregrine Drake + High Tide / Nightscape Familiar / Dimir Aqueduct

Infinite or , infinite Cast triggers.


I want to make this deck Teer1 of multiplayer Pauper EDH, so i need your suggestions.

  • How to untap Desciple of Deceit faster and several times in turn?
  • What cards can give more value for same CMC?
  • How to stand against early aggro?
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