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D'scarred (Lili-less 8-Rack?!)

Modern 8-Rack Competitive Mono-Black


As always feedback is encouraged! If making a card suggestion please include what to take out and why.

Make your opponent discard out, then punish them mercilessly for not having a hand!


Funeral Charm- The only instant speed discard for Modern. Helps clean up after the opponent's upkeep.

Inquisition of Kozilek- Best early game, this hits indiscriminately with a limited CMC range, low cost compensates for lack of targeting ability.

Raven's Crime- You don't get to choose the discard, but it doesn't matter. Retrace makes this a mock 8x of.

Smallpox- Removal, land hate, archetype.

Thoughtseize- Indescriminate. Only downside is that you'll be losing 1 life.

Wrench Mind- Great for cleaning up the opponent's hand T3 after casting Quest for the Nihil Stone.

The deck centers around 4 win-mechanic cards:

Liliana's Caress- testing this card out in the deck to see if I can speed up the lifeloss a little bit before I actually get them hellbent.

Shrieking Affliction- The main lifeloss through discarding in the deck.

Quest for the Nihil Stone- While you're forcing your opponent to discard, set up your damage for when you're out of discard cards. This is a fast heavy-hitter for this deck; it can get 2 counters real quick with Raven's Crime + land in hand, or the old-fashioned Wrench Mind.

The Rack- Eventually your opponent's hand will become empty through a combination of discard actions, or from them playing spells to get a boardstate before you render them hellbent. If the opponent has <3 cards in hand, this begins to do some quickly compiling damage.

While running your main strategy this utility card will come in handy:

Waste Not- Benefits from your opponent discarding a: - Creature: Gives you a 2/2 Zombie chump blocker; or if appropriate, an aggressor if the opponent has no boardstate.
- Land: Adds to your mana pool, great for fueling more discard spells.
- Noncreature/Nonland: Additional draw without consequences is always good.
Still feeling this out.
Suggestions needed!!

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Thinking of rebuilding this, and taking out the zombie jank (Reap, Crawler and Contrition), and take out one Raven's Crime (10 slots) Then adding in 2x more Torment of Hailfire, 3x Smallpox and 1 more Cryptbreaker And 4x Surgical Extraction.

Description will be updated as soon as possible it'll be much shorter with less jank.

Thanks for the updates and input! Keep it coming!


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