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the deck is based on Alexander Haynes' block constructed Hallelujah deck. Though it doesn't slow down opponents with Feeling of Dread which was key to stalling until he drew a Terminus or Devastation Tide this one focuses on drawing regularly and setting up for miracles.

I run Twenty Seven Lands... you can't afford to miss a land-drop, missing several would mean your miracles wont be hard-cast at any point, nor hope to be.

the key to this deck is timing... an early Bonfire of the Damned wont do much unless the opponent has a few creatures that it can kill off in play, mid-game it might not be as effective. late game, even without the miracle it could be devastating, hence the mass of land. however when you loot... the redundancy of the card while it's in hand is obvious and therefore is basically a new card slot once cycled through with looting. (just remember to do it on your opponent's turn). though I'm not entirely sure how it will fare without something like Feeling of Dread to slow opponents down. any suggestions?


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