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All-in Faith of the Devoted deck to drain the opponent's face off as you discard/cycle to do even more damage!

Lot of discard engines (some of which do damage/drain as well), including Cathartic Reunion, Collective Brutality, Hazoret the Fervent, Lightning Axe, Olivia's Dragoon , and Tormenting Voice, and lots of madness/cycling spells, including Alms of the Vein, Avacyn's Judgment, Canyon Slough, Fiery Temper, and Incorrigible Youths . Yahenni's Expertise for protection against creature-heavy decks, with the bonus of a free spell. Running somewhat creatureless for now. Olivia's Dragoon has been great in the limited testing I've done so far, especially when Faith of the Devoted is out.

Please comment and make suggestions, as this is just a first draft, and upvote if you like the idea!

EDIT 04/27/17: Had some great synergies in the 3 matches I've played with this deck on MTGO yesterday. Several times I've been able to drain 4 from my opponent, do 3 additional damage to my opponent, and kill a 2 toughness creatures on Turn 4 with just 4 mana! Turn 3 I put out Faith of the Devoted, Turn 4 Cast Collective Brutality discarding Fiery Temper for two modes, drain 2 and kill a 2 toughness creatures, cast Fiery Temper via Madness (3 damage to opponent), and pay 1 to drain 2 more via the discard of Fiery Temper triggering Faith of the Devoted!


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