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Discard? You Mean Cast It for Cheap?




Hello, and welcome to my take on Madness... with all three madness capable colors (In Standard)! I actually own this, so I will give you a run down of how it should work, and then ask a favor of you. Let's dig in!

So, typically, you want 1 of each land type and a combination of these creatures/ spells: Sanitarium Skeleton , Indulgent Aristocrat, Ravenous Bloodseeker , Distemper of the Blood , Fiery Temper, and the likes. You should always play the Skeleton first, as it will survive early combat. Then, play the Aristocrat and let the fun begin! Continuously sacrifice it or use it as discard fodder to keep the deck rollin', and eventually seal the deal with some hopefully large Vamps! Suggestions are encouraged, and enjoy! If you did enjoy it, hit that upvote button; it will let me know to continually improve it until it is FNM ready!


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