JUND (changed from Gruul) Addition, land destruction.

Probably not quite competitive. However, im sure there is a way to make this deck work better, any insight on how to make it worthy would be greatly appreciated. :D

I'm actually wondering what color combination would work best. I need to run cards like Demolish , Bramblecrush, and Acidic Slime, so that is Red and Green no matter what... but blue for counterspells? white for board removal?

Currently, i'm experimenting with black for kill against all the aggro in my store. So we'll see if i live long enough to lock them down.

Trying this deck tonight. I'll do an analysis tomorrow when i get to work.

01-02-13 // 3-1-0

So uh.. worked. I'm really surprised actually. The games were not easy by any means... and my opponents had their best decks.

Match 1: 1-2

Started out losing the first match, which was fine, since i was playing a durdle dumb land destruction deck. I expected to go 0-4 that night. He had 5 color control, with win cons like Thragtusk, Thundermaw Hellkite, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, and Sphinx's Revelation. Dumb deck, which is just good cards and the colors to play them.

Match 2: 2-1

Played against junk tokens. Not fun in my eyes. However, the first game, my opponent missed ONE land drop... and i capitalized. Taking out all her white mana, i was able to stall the game until i got out a Garruk, Primal Hunter and a Chandra, the Firebrand (two really cool cards sitting side by side). The second game i got crushed, hard to fight 3/3 flying vigilant spirits. 3rd game, went first, ramped up to 4 mana on turn 3, and kept her from casting any of her token generator spells. :)

Match 3: 2-1

Another 4 color goodstuff deck. Izzet Staticaster , Nightshade Peddler , Thragtusk. rough combo, aparently the deck is a thing, and i took all his green land so he couldnt Farseek. Worked surprisingly well with keyrunes, poking until i win. Oh... and calling Thragtusk out with a turn 3 slaughter games is really good when he has 3 in his hand. ;D

Match 4: 2-0

Junk midrange... with mana dorks. I was really worried about this game... but i drew into removal to kill his dorks, and then proceeded to nuke all his white land. No Lingering Souls, no Loxodon Smiters, no Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. Was good.

1-4-13 // 1-3-0

Terrible. My only win was a bye... which hasn't happened... jesus, for years. Since i first started playing. I was right in my prediction that this deck typology has trouble with aggro. You need to be able to kill off their little shits, while maintaining mana ramp, and destroying their lands every turn. Not that they need much, but, if they don't miss a land drop in aggro, 3 land is all they really need.

Definitely putting this deck up on the shelves for awhile.


:D :D



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