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Things to acquire are below the word maybeboard... I know, its a lot.


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Hey man, it's been a while! I saw you had your modern burn deck uft and you needed the things on the maybeboard. I'm gonna list what I have and the things I'd like to get my hands on here.

What I have

Pre-release promo Whir of Invention, Foil Fabricate (M10 and it's Chinese), Arcanis (commander), Iso Scepter (ema), Jin Gitaxias (ima), deadeye navigator (mm17), C-Sphinx (ima), Mystical Tutor (ema) and possibly a Cryptic Command, just depends on how another trade goes. Overall everything I offered is about 44.45 not counting the really small things like arcanis and deadeye.

What I'd like

2 ktk bloodstained mires and 2 atarka's command. This equals 44.76 assuming i did my math correctly. Let me know how this looks to you, since i offered several foils and such I'd understand if things wouldn't work out. Talk to you later man! (i used tcgplayer median price for everything)

December 31, 2017 3:57 p.m.


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