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Commander / EDH

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Dionysus has always been my favourite greek god, and so when I heard that Xenagos was going to be his MtG expy, I knew that I could build a deck that would make the Bacchae proud. The focus is getting everyone into the shindig as fast as possible.

Things like Heartwood Storyteller, Collective Voyage, and Mana Flare ensure that everyone has the resources to play the game.

Things like Avatar of Slaughter and Mass Hysteria ensure that everyone can throw down in the red zone.

Things like Hypergenesis and Tempting Wurm ensure that people can still play the game after getting their board hated down.

This deck is here to party.

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$162.16 $236.97 $452.45
2 missing from calculation
Date added 2 months
Last updated 1 month
Legal formats Commander / EDH, Vintage
Cards 100
Avg. CMC 3.95

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