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Dinos Sore AKA They Travel in Hurts

Commander / EDH Aggro Dinosaurs Ramp RGW (Naya)



My take on a Gishath Dinosaur Tribal. There is a fight/enrage subtheme that can get you alot of value out of pinging your own creatures. Ideally you ramp and play a few spells to reduce the cost of Gishath and play her a few turns early to maximize a strong early board. Once you have a few dinosaurs set up you can start abusing enrage and removing other creatures with fight. For best results try to either race to Gishath or establish a strong board without to bait out removal and wipe. Once your opponents run out of cards you can play Gishath to rebuild far more quickly than they can keep up.

Budget options: -Take out some of the utility lands for basic lands or cheap dual lands -Replace Urza's Incubator and Heralds Horn with ramp spells -Replace Zacama with another Dinosaur or a fatty like Chameleon Colossus


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