Hey there folks. I'm relatively new but this is my second deck as my blue/green is out of standard. I recently started playing again and when I saw the dinosaur tribe I knew my duty.

Pretty simple creature agro with some a win condition to simply overpower your enemy early. Kinjalli's Caller is important to setting up a strong board early and if paired with Hazoret's Monument provides some opportunity to cast some powerful dinosaurs a few turns earlier which can be a huge advantage if you want to set up a win quickly.

Goring Ceratops is an important card to overwhelm the opponent with the horde of dinosaurs you have likely built up quickly. Territorial Hammerskull allows you to take advantage of getting maximum damage through, and Huatli's Snubhorn allows you to keep some blockers on the board. If you have a Otepec Huntmaster out then Goring Ceratops poses a huge threat as soon as he's played.

Sun-Blessed Mount is good to speed up getting Huatli, Dinosaur Knight but honestly I may take him out for another Goring Ceratops. Huatli, Warrior Poet was a life-saver in a few rounds but ultimately Huatli, Dinosaur Knight is better if you aren't taking a lot of damage early on.

This is all a work in progress and I may have evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of this deck all wrong.. but I think it's coming together.

Boros Charm has been recommended for this deck but I didn't have any laying around.

This deck started off as a Red/White/Green deck pulling dinosaurs from all three colors but it felt inconsistent and I didn't really have enough to justify the splash of green.

Please comment your thoughts on improving this deck!


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Pulled two Frenzied Raptors for two Kinjalli's Sunwing to slow your opponents tempo down.


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