This is a mill deck that attempts to mill your opponents out ultra fast with some decent damage mitigation and tons of interactions/synergy.

General Strategy:

Hedron Crab - (Mill/Synergy)

Works extremely well with Fetch Lands and Field of Ruin.

Snapcaster Mage/Mesmeric Orb - (Synergy/Utility/Mill)

Mesmeric Orb gets around pesky cards like Leyline of Sancitity. Combined with the Snapcaster Mage this synergy will simply give you a bigger toolbox of spells to cast since you’re milling both yourself and your opponent simultaneously. It will also synergies with Immortal Coil when against aggro match ups.

Darkness/Crypt Incursion- (Support)

These are your only real damage mitigation cards. Luckily they can be snapcasted. Adjust numbers in sideboard as needed.

Visions of Beyond - (Support)

Standard draw power for mill.

Glimpse the Unthinkable, Mind Funeral, Archive Trap - (Mill)

These are all your heavy hitting mill cards and will do the bulk of the lifting. When having several mill cards in hand, it is advisable to hit with Mind Funeral last so cards like glimpse and Archive Trap can take out some of the land cards. The less land cards in an opponents deck the harder Mind Funeral hits. Mind Funeral absolutely devastates Tron Decks. Archive Trap is handy in competitive play since most opponents use fetch lands. Archive Trap can also be forced using Field of Ruin.

Fraying Sanity - (Turbo Mill)

This card is absolutely bonkers, especially if you have more than 1 stacked on an opponent. It essentially doubles the power of your mill spells . In addition, opponents also mill for simply playing spells that hit their graveyard. Set this up as early as possible. It’s a 3 drop, but if you have access to 3 land cards and thisnin your opening hand, hold off on casting mill spells until this is set up. You’ll get more bang for your buck using this strategy by holding off for a turn or 2. IMPORTANT NOTE: Little known fact about this card. When having 2 or more Fraying Sanity attached to a player be advised these cards compound off of each other due to the rules of Magic.

Example: Opponent has 2x Fraying Sanity attached to them and you hit them with a Glimpse. They mill 10 for glimpse, player moves to end step and both fraying Sanity triggers occur. When this happens you can only resolve 1 trigger at a time. Therefore, the first fraying sanity trigger will check the cards that hit the graveyard and mill them for another 10. The second fraying Sanity trigger will go off and check the graveyard for 20 and will mill them another 20 for a grand total of 40 cards!

So if they have 2x Fraying Sanity, 1x Glimpse will ultimately Mill them for 40 cards.

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver(Utility) -

I always theme my decks with a planeswalker, plus Ashiok is really good for this deck because not only can she mill your opponent with her plus ability, but her minus ability allows you to add some additional damage mitigation by recruiting cannon fodder from your opponent while simultaneously denying them creatures that would normally be used against you. She’s also only 3 mana!

Search for Azcanta   -

This card gets us answers much faster at only 2 mana. Extremely important in a squishy deck such as mill.

Field of Ruin -

Let’s you Force Archive Trap, triggers Hedron crab and thins out your deck when you blow it up. Essentially only costs 1 mana since it’s letting you pull out another land. Being able to Archive Trap, trigger Hedron Crab and thin your deck at the same time is an extremely good feeling. Way better than Ghost Quarter since your opponents have a choice to search library. Please note that if your opponent uses mostly or only basic lands, this card becomes practically useless since it cannot target basic lands and opponent controls.

Oboro, Palace In the Sky -

Can perpetually landfall continuously to activate Hedron Crab’s landfall trigger.

Creeping Tarpit -

Never know when you’ll need an extra blocker or you simply need to kill a Death’s shadow player.

Sideboard notes:

Damping Sphere -

Gives us an edge when playing against tron or storm decks.

Isochron Scepter -

Great when coupled with Darkness for a perpetual shield against creature decks. Can also attach it to glimpse and visions for boosted utility.

Crypt Incursion -

Great against aggro decks, soecifically burn decks.

Immortal Coil -

Great against burn decks. We simply mill Atleast 10 of our own cards and drop this when our life count is low and mill ourselves as needed. (Easy to do with mesmeric orb) Can easily buy you enough time to put a burn deck in “top deck” mode.

Leyline of the Void -

Deals with opponents who have a way of returning their graveyard to library. Also useful against decks that utilize their graveyard. Replace with Fraying Sanity since Fraying Sanity becomes useless when this card is in play.

Traumatize -

If our opponent isn’t a counterspell deck and manageable aggro, then put these in place of Mind Funeral. Coupled with Fraying Sankty it is an instant win combo.

Final Thoughts: This deck generally suffers going against super aggro, but has a sideboard that will give you a fighting chance. Coupled with decent damage mitigation, disruption, synergy and utility. This deck has answers for almost anything it comes in contact with. Absolutely crushes most, control, tempo and moderate speed decks.


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