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Dimir Shapeshift #Budget

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Hello guys ! So i made this new deck (supposed to be a fun deck) that i want to be as good as it can be for little money. The idea is to have just a few creatures in your deck that are strong to "clone" with all my shapeshift creatures, because my main aim is to clone the enemy creatures. Conjurer's Closet helps me to change the shapeshift target of my creatures, while Mimic Vat and Sword of Body and Mind work well with my Commander. Hope to see some useful comments ! And remember it's Budget!


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UPDATE: Have played many many games with this deck ! It surprisingly worked well in my meta. (Ur-Dragon, Gishath, Captain Sisay) It is effective against heavy creature based decks // Aggro decks. It probably has somme issues against typical Tier 1 control decks but i won't meet those anyways. For a budget brew it is quite solid. Any other suggestions (cuts,includes) are welcome.


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