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Dimir Seizure (Twiddle n' Twitch)

Pauper* Cruel Control Enchantment Pauper U/B (Dimir)



This used to be a modification of Discord_Boi's UB Stop Hitting Yourself Pauper Deck, found here. It has since become something of its own.

What's in a name?

Seizures + Twiddle

Twitch has since been removed due to high CMC

The Idea

Enchant creatures with Vampiric Link to buy yourself enough time to cast Seizures, Insubordination or Sinister Possession. Then Twiddle/Rhystic Deluge them to death.

Alternatively, Narcolepsy is a good way to persistently make Seizures an issue.

Power up Grim Gaurdian with 37 noncreature enchantments

Slow down your nonblack opponent with Contaminated Ground, chip at them with Psychic Venom, then finish them off with Early Frost.


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