Dimir Mill Deck.

"When you reach out and find nothing there; Who then will you turn to?"-Xanderin



Xanderin says... #1

Increasing Confusion - cast early to get double later with flashbackIndex- Fix your deck orderMind Grind- incredibly powerful, save till turn 5+Mind Sculpt- This is the primary target of your Snapcaster, with Dimir Charm coming secondSilent Departure- upsets tempo early, or use to recall snapcaster and replay himConsuming Aberration- Alternate win condition. At pre-release he always ranged from 13-25 power/toughness for 5 mana( dont get caught up in attacking. The point is to deal 60 dmg, not 20)Crypt Ghast- Overpowered Mana weenie. +ExtortSnapcaster Mage- Focus on flashback milling, silent departure him back to your hand if possibleChronic Flooding- Early game this is useful. Opponent will still use the land because it isnt "hurting them" like other land enchantsDimir Charm- use as neededDownpour - Establish some controlEssence Scatter - Do this every chance you get early to disrupt tempo. Dont save it.Psychic Strike- This mills and counters, wohooJace, Memory Adept- Use his 0 ability at all times

Sideboard- Cyclonic Rift - Get this in if they are creature heavyGlaring Spotlight- Against hexproof deck to ensure controlJace's Phantasm- If you really need some blocking power. We are trying to mill here.Syncopate- Bring in against decks that tap out every turn

Maybeboard-Aetherize- Maybe if tokens becomes a thing...Blind Obedience- If Tempo decks get out of control ( I think this is going to happen)Gift of Orzhova- This is an alternate lifegain tactic. 20/20 consuming abberation +lifelink every turn is nutsGodless Shrine- If I splash white, I still need lands to be swampsIllness in the Ranks- Another potential strategy for tokensRealmwright- This card + Crypt Ghast is awesome. Small body subject to removal..

January 29, 2013 12:13 p.m.

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