Possible cards to put in Jace's Phantasm. Will be up to a 5/5 quickly and a cheap drop Jace, Memory Adept. because insta kill with a guildmage if it drops. although i feel it might be a bit of a target and its expensive both $ and mana Death's Approach. gets rid of annoying cards. maybe sideboard in Negate . cheap counterspell simply but depends what deck im playing against Mind Sculpt. mills and pumps the aberrations quite hard What i could remove Dying Wish i like it, if a sac a pumped aberration with consume flesh i get massive lifegain and maybe kill them in 1. also makes a decent deterrent for them to kill stuff. but vulnerable to bounce Nephalia Drownyard . yes i understand its good in a mill deck but for the cost i can make much more happen. Maybe a Rogues' Passage making an unblockable abberation and activating the guildmages



almond0k says... #1

card:Sage's Row Denizen might be up your alley for this.

card:Rogue's Passage is thrifty, but expensive, especially to be used every turn. Plus, for the number of dual lands you're running (4 of both shock/tap, and 2 guildgates) having more colorless symbols might not be the best choice. I would suggest Artful Dodge to have an instant access to unblockable.

I really dig the Essence Harvest s that you dropped in, that card plus a well stocked Consuming Aberration is just asking for trouble.

Speaking of Consuming Aberration , you should try running four.

All in all, I really dig this. Dimir is stupid powerful right now and nobody is really checking it because they're obsessed with Red and Esper. Be cautious that you won't get outsped by Red, though.


February 21, 2013 11:15 a.m.

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