Possible cards to put inJace's Phantasm. Will be up to a 5/5 quickly and a cheap dropJace, Memory Adept. because insta kill with a guildmage if it drops. although i feel it might be a bit of a target and its expensive both $ and manaDeath's Approach. gets rid of annoying cards. maybe sideboard inNegate . cheap counterspell simply but depends what deck im playing againstMind Sculpt. mills and pumps the aberrations quite hardWhat i could removeDying Wish i like it, if a sac a pumped aberration with consume flesh i get massive lifegain and maybe kill them in 1. also makes a decent deterrent for them to kill stuff. but vulnerable to bounceNephalia Drownyard . yes i understand its good in a mill deck but for the cost i can make much more happen. Maybe a Rogues' Passage making an unblockable abberation and activating the guildmages


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