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Dimir Madness

Modern Control


A fun little deck to play ... and amusing to watch ....

Okay, so here is the deal ... actually you probably already figured it out, but I am going to tell you any way. Mirror-Mad Phantasm is crazy!!! I mean insane, right batty!! The deck is basicly a bunch of digging and disruption to facilitate you getting a phantasm out and "flipping" it. Drop a Runechanter's Pike on the phantasm after he has so kindly put all those extra enablers in your graveyard.

The rest of the deck is mostly just designed to be annoying and slow the game down. I've even had to go so far as to Nephalia Drownyard myself to get that extra boost. Someone suggested Thought Scour and while I am not entirely convinced I think it may just be a little better than Think Twice in this case.

Played through FNM the other night and went 3-2 (my usual record) ... for the most part the deck was fun to play however disappointing against more tuned and serious decks. It's incredibly fun to play and so at least that part works out.

comments, suggestions, love, hate +1's all welcome ...


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