At first, it just looks like a simple Mill deck. However, like House Dimir, it has another face to it.

Consuming Aberration is the main card in the deck. With it, you mill more cards with each Spell you cast, which includes Spells you cast from your Graveyard with Flashback and copies of spells you cast with the Cipher ability.

This deck has the ability to change gears very quickly. Start off small with an Invisible Stalker, encode a few Ciphers on it, then drop Consuming Aberration, which will very quickly get large.

After you milled at least 20 cards, which is very easy to do, simply cast an Artful Dodge (From your hand or graveyard) or use Rogue's Passage to make the Aberration unblockable, and attack for game.

If that doesn't work, you can also use the ability of Duskmantle Guildmage to turn any Mill spell into a damaging spell for the turn.


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Added a Sideboard. I would like some help on that, because I've never done a sideboard before. :-)


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