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Dickhead Returns! - Modern Turbo Xerox

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Lets start with some history.
There was this guy called Julian Grace-Martin, brought and had some success with a deck centered around Hollow One, Vengevine, a lot of Faithless Looting (and other looting effects) - and the combo of Become Immense & Temur Battle Rage for even more combo kill potential.
The looting and hollow one package caught my attention to say the least...

Due to the banning of blue library manipulation cards like Ponder & Preordain, there were no decks that could take advantage of the fact that you could replace lands with library manipulation cards, with obvious benefits.

So the basics of the deck are Hollow One, Flameblade Adept & loot effects of Faithless Looting, Burning Inquiry, Street Wraith & Cathartic Reunion - and they are clear.
I value Fiery Temper over lightning bolt in this deck, due to the benefit of acting as a cantrip, when cast for its madnesss cost.
However Fiery Temper is bad - because you can't cast it for 1 mana - without some help. Thus instead of sticking to the creature selection of the RG lists (Flameblade Adept, Monastery Swiftspear & Goblin Guide) i swapped Goblin Guides, for Insolent Neonates. They allow for cheap Fiery Temper, and for a source that helps in making Hollow One cost zero mana, as they can be the 3rd discard after Faithless Looting or Cathartic Reunion.

I found Flamewake Phoenix fine and dandy, so i kept them - maybe the deck should have 3 copies, but i am not sure regarding this.

So what should i put in the rest of the deck... ?
I didn't like Vengevine due to its hard to reach reanimation clause, and its interaction with Anger of the Gods & Lightning Bolt like burn spells.
Nor did i like Gurmag Angler, since i don't wanna see what happens when it meets Rest in Peace, the fact that its terrible in multiples, and after one gets countered (or even Remanded) it will hard to cast a second copy.
Demigod of Revenge seemed to be the ideal solution.
If it gets "milled" into the grave its great (as it will be reanimated) on the first cast copy. Its always great if the game goes long. It can create surprise wins due to its haste.
Its great against counterspell decks, even if the opponent actually knows to counter after the reanimation trigger resolved - due to multiples being reanimated anyways.
And it has flying, which means a lot if its facing off against a 9/9 Death's Shadow, Reality Smasher, or large Tarmogoyf
However the thing costs five mana, FIVE MANA...

Thus i needed ramp.
The fastest ramp spell in red is Infernal Plunge, thus i play it as 4 of - and as a side benefit it gives it gives 4 mana on turn 2, which means Blood Moon through Stubborn Denial.
The strongest ramp spell is Chandra, Torch of Defiance - who can be played on t2, and act as a permanent mana source, as a pseudo Dark Confidant, deal 2 damage to player/planeswalker every turn (which is great against Liliana of the Veil), she can remove problem creatures, and her ultimate can win the game even against stuff like Ensnaring Bridge.
Its mono red, thus it doesn't hurt itself with its own lands, and has no problem running Blood Moon, it can cast it on turn 2, even through Stubborn Denial. Mountains are also a lot cheaper, than all the flashy non-basics.

Aside from the obvious benefits of being mono red, it has other things going for it.
- The creature base has a lot of evasion, which can be very relevant, as 4/4s are not the biggest creatures of the format
- Its big colored creature is a LOT more resilient than the other options, has a relatively easy reanimation cause, and is able to win the game on spot.
- Due to the planeswalkers the deck can win even if creature damage is not an option
- Its very resilient against grave hate, as its threats loose a lot less value from it.
- Fewer lands = more action


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