This is my draft of a moderately competetive Diaochan EDH deck. It has all the cards I want in there(besides Gauntlet of Might but I am not gonna have the money for that anytime soon), but I need to obviously cut some cards. I'd like your help/suggestions! Tell me what cards you dislike in here and why you'd cut them. If you have any questions why any card is in here, please ask!

How the deck (hopefully) works:Diaochan is great for removing any Creature, but she has to be "enabled" by either getting shroud or Protection from Red(hexproof won't work, since I control the ability). With e.g. Lightning Greaves and Thornbite Staff Diaochan can destroy all OTHER creatures. This is why I run very little creatures. First I don't need to block if I sweep the board every turn and Diaochan would destroy my creatures as well(if Akroma's Memorial isn't on the field yet).

Artifact hate is great, especially when Mycosynth Lattice is out.

Besides Vicious Shadows I am 100% keeping the enchantments in the Deck. They are just too good to cut IMHO.

Hellkite Tyrant / Vandalblast + Mycosynth Lattice is fun.

The rest of the Deck should be pretty self-explanatory. Protect myself with Diaochan, Sweepers and Glacial Chasm + Crucible of Worlds and gradually kill all other players with the Earthquake effects or Diaochan, if she wears a lot of equipments.



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