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Wife wants to play at Gatecrash Games Day. She doesn't like my decks, they're "too mean and complicated".

I'll make that bitch a Simic deck. Bitches love Simic decks.


I let her test it against me for a half-dozen games, no sideboarding. She gets very frustrated with not having enough mana at any point in the game. I've trimmed a few things and added 4x Arbor Elf. Now she can play turn 3 Deadbridge Goliath and Thragtusk.

Seems okay...


hivem1nd says... #1

Wife wants to play in the M14 Games Day this weekend. All this stuff is still legal, and she liked the deck a lot, so I'm putting the band back together.

Of course, this time it's going to include a Sylvan Primordial and a Kalonian Hydra, and those AEtherizes are going to become Cyclonic Rifts. Gotta figure out how to include one Progenitor Mimic, too...

August 8, 2013 1:23 p.m.

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