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Devoted-Hulk of the Ur-Dragon (Competitive)

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Updated the deck to work without Hermit Druid while keeping the powerful speed and mana-efficiency of the Flash combo. The only real thing that's needed to get this to work was producing infinite mana. That was the main thing that the result of the Hermit Druid combo was, and the flash combo used her aims to do that while cutting out the need to put more things than the Hulk into the graveyard.

Necrotic Ooze is still part of the deck, of course, but is now used as the capstone to one of the other existing combos (In this case, it's most commonly used with Survival of the Fittest or Niv-Mizzet, Parun .)



The goal of this line of play is to play the usual Flash - Protean Hulk combo to get Devoted Druid , Vizier of Remedies , Torch Courier , and Orochi Leafcaller . The Torch Courier gives Devoted Druid Haste that will let you use its interaction with Vizier of Remedies to produce infinite mana which can then be plugged into Orochi Leafcaller to convert it into mana of any color.

Afterwards, it's a simple thing to cast Scion of the Ur-Dragon then transform into Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius then ping the entire board for infinite damage.


This combo works off of the interaction between Niv-Mizzet, Parun and Curiosity effects such as Keen Sense and Ophidian Eye .

You can start it by having either Scion our Niv out. Scion will usually be easier to pull off due to Niv's rather difficult casting coast and Scion always being available. You get the Curiosity effect on either of them then draw a card somehow. This can be done by either attacking or, anyone casting an instance or sorcery spell.

The beauty of this line is that once the Curiosity effect is on Niv, it becomes very, very difficult to answer as most interaction is either an instant or sorcery. This will result in you drawing a card then the loop continuing.

This even goes through Angel's Grace! Mostly because the act of casting Angel's Grace will result in the drawing of a card that can then restart the loop and kill the player casting Angel's Grace before it resolves.

Just make sure to avoid drawing the entirety of the deck so that you don't die to someone else casting an instant or sorcery once your library is empty.

Usually, you'll want to kill one or two other people with this before transitioning into the Necrotic Ooze line by playing it then passing the turn to discard Devoted Druid , Morselhoarder , and Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius to hit the last guy with infinite damage!


This combo involves generating infinite mana using Worldgorger Dragon repeatedly blinking permanents (and especially lands or rocks) in and out of the battlefield and tapping for mana with each iteration. The exact line of play depends on the board state and what cards are in your graveyard. The combo works off the interaction Worldgorger Dragon with Animate Dead effects such as Necromancy and Dance of the Dead that creates a loop that will allow you to blink permanents in and out while Worldgorger does its thing.

Of course, if you have lands such as Command Tower , Reflecting Pool , Gemstone Mine , and Cascading Cataracts , you can essentially keep on tapping them for mana of any color between loops without having to worry about losing life or paying life to make them enter the battlefield untapped!

Once you have enough mana floating to do what you want, you can stop the loop by targetting a different creature in any graveyard (depending on which of the three enchantments you're using), then casting Scion and shooting everyone!

Additional Notes:

The rest of the deck is there for getting the combo out faster and more consistently, protecting it, or extra utilities to improve the deck's performance in certain situations.

Some cards like Survival of the Fittest are great ways to tutor out the entire Necrotic Ooze combo by just investing some mana as the entirety of that combo is made up of creatures. It also allows for the easy tutoring of useful answers like Reclamation Sage that can deal with hate-cards like Rest in Peace that really get in the way of getting the deck's combos off the ground.

Mystic Remora and Rhystic Study give good card advantage and a good way to refill a hand after an explosive opener or dig up those tutors or answers depending on what's going on on-board.

Scroll Rack and Sylvan Library allow for filtering of draws and a way to put those pesky Hulk components back into the deck, with Library also doubling as extra draw in a pinch!

Cut Cards:

These cards are ones that were removed to get the current iteration of this deck from the previous version .


Updates Add

The druid became absurdly slot-intensive on top of being more clunky than it needed to be. I realized that the main goal for this deck was really just to achieve infinite mana, so instead re-geared the deck towards doing that while keeping options open so that the deck was a little more resilient to answers and hate.

Swapped the Druid-Hulk combo for a slightly less graveyard-based Devoted-Hulk - Devoted Druid - Orochi Leafcaller - Vizier of Remedies - Torch Courier


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