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Devil in the White City (Teysa EDH)

Commander / EDH WB (Orzhov)


  • Major Themes/Archetype: Lich's Mastery
  • Subthemes: Lifegain, Pillow fort, Spirit tribal

When you cast Lich's Mastery you go into Lich Mode, and your exact life total stops mattering so much—how near you are to death depends on the size of your hand, graveyard, and board. You secure your unlife by drawing cards through lifegain (and keeping them thanks to Reliquary Tower ) and amassing spirit tokens and pillow fort enchantments.

While in Lich Mode, we aim to win by casting Approach of the Second Sun , gaining 7 life and drawing Approach again. With cards like Crypt Ghast we can sometimes ramp to 14 mana to cast Approach twice in one turn—otherwise we need to survive another round to untap and cast it again.

Alternatively, you can cast Debt to the Deathless or drop your hand to Sickening Dreams to burn your opponents out.

Since you lose if Lich's Mastery leaves the battlefield, board wipes like Akroma's Vengeance can ruin your day. It’s important not to drop Lich’s Mastery until you’re ready to utilize it, but when you do, hold up some mana for our unexpected counterspells Mana Tithe and Lapse of Certainty . The targeted shuffle on Cranial Archive can keep your opponent from drawing back Lapsed removal the next turn and does some bonus graveyard hate.


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